Tuesday, January 17, 2017

12 Years and Suicide Still Burns

Granpa Don Granny
 Well January 17 and its a day we should be celebrating. Instead we are just feeling the emptiness, the loneliness and the sorrow of having lost our Boy to suicide.  He was 20 when he died by suicide. We should be immune or at least not as bitter or angry over the suicide. We should be grateful we at least had some good memories of our Boy. We shouldn't be in grief after all its been years. We should be "moving on", "letting go". I agree we should be better by now.

We try, yes we try. We have the annual Feasts, birthday's, death day we did the Give-Away. We made a monument at home about him. We have his picture on the wall. It doesn't take away the hurt. Our family has namesakes as well; a nephew, a grandson and our grand-daughter all carry his name. Still we mourn.  We cherish the songs that remind of us of him. We tell the funny stories and remember him. Still there is a hidden sadness when we laugh for him.

The suicide still haunts us; the unanswered questions, the mistakes we made, the regrets of passed hurts with him. We think about who hurt him as well. When we hurt him. Oh how we could do anything to change the past and fix things. We remember the pain when another suicide takes place somewhere out there. We see it in the news on social media. We feel for them. We know what will come. We get angry at the empty gestures of  politic names and faces. We get angry know one cares. We get angry as we are not seeking pity. We just want our Boy.

Suicide is not a singular act. It is an act which flows and flows throughout your family.

We apologize for taking your time and bringing you into our day. We want to bring you when there are better and good things to shout about. Joy, we should be speaking of joy. We do have joy in our lives its not all sorrow.

On a happier note:

Moths to the Flame: or Flies to Excrement

So Trump is the US President or at least he will be on Friday January 20. 2017. Now that is some weird stuff. Well the people of the United States have to own that one.

There is lot of discussion on who is going and who isn't going to Trump's taking over the reigns of Power. There are Black artists calling out other Black artists who are going to speak with Trump. Sounds like Snoop Dogg is going to come out of "gangsta" retirement and do some messing up on Black folk who walk towards Trump's aroma. Its quite a sight. Trump is taking names and kicking butt... on the Twitter feeds anyway. Still his infamous tweets have been causing quite a stir and making some people upset. Upsetting the rationale crowd. Still there are those who are jumping right into the pile and spreading around all sorts of "stuff" into the air. Like Rob Schneider who decided to educate a civil rights leader on Doctor Martin Luther King on behalf of Trump. Despite the fact the Rights Leader he is schooling walked the walk with King; Mr. John Lewis.

Its fascinating in one way and totally disgusting in others. On the one hand you wonder what is the threshold of depravity Trump will stop at. As well what is the threshold for those who continue to support the insane demonstrations of the "Commander in Chief". Still there are those who lap the fresh gooey smelly excrement which comes out of his royal highness (HRH) Trump. Its like Trump is a god (not Thee God but small 'g' god). Its as if he could shoot someone on the streets of New York and people would cheer? Its Crazy.

In Indigenous (Native) news, famous book writer Joseph Boyden's Indigenous Heritage is no where to be found. Boyden has made up Indigenous roots and connection where there is no connection. Don't worry folks, he is still looked at as a master story teller and he has lot of support from his Indigenous friends. One of his friends is going to adopt him as her brother.

What is interesting is people are attracted to big shots; whether or not the big shot is an Arse or a Star.

I have this friend, David Blacksmith and people are attracted to him. Now he isn't a movie star or a celebrity but he has a following. They follow him because of who he is. David is a Healer. Like in the movie Natural Born Killers. Russell Means is a Lakota Medicine man and he knows who he is dealing with; snakes.

David is a flame. He is charismatic, smart, talented, charming, gifted and a no-nonsense fellow. People want to touch the flame. Its like that with many people.

This reminds me of this other Indian fellow. He is well known, well respected and well off. He is charismatic smart and a political fireball. He has a big family. Some of them he holds close and others he is disengaged with; to the point there is a great deal of animosity. He is known for his talking skills and savvy negotiation skills. He is lessor known for his vicious begrudging of others. Still at events people will still try and get close to him and seek favour. Its like he has this smell about him that is intoxicating for folks.

With some people they like the flame but the flame is not what it seems. It is a pile of dung. The really wet, mushy, sticky with wicked stench to it. People don't mind.

People are funny. We seek the brightness of others as we should. The light of others can be so fulfilling and we can  light others from the one flame. Still some of us would rather roll around in a whole bunch of excrement just because of who dumped it.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

So Blessed That it Makes You Cry

Being So Blessed That It Makes You Cry

Aylan Kurdi drowned off the shores of Turkey. His family was trying to reach Canada
Woke up this picture yesterday.
What a contrast to what I usually have to contend with.  Making sure my Baby (Granbaby) has breakfast and the TV is tuned to Tree-House channel.
IMG_6580  I shudder to think about what I would go through. Sadly we can’t even imagine the horror, the tragedy that is taking place. We think that it is not our issue, not our problem, not in our home.  thing is, it is in our home.  We are in the homes of people in places we never even give a second thought to. When we voted in governments with only greed as the main motive for governing; well the actions we do have an impact. We can’t act like we have compassion but select our representatives that have no regard for anyone or anything but money. Still not our fault. I know its not our fault that we support global companies that hire youth workers in far away countries. That we inadvertently support the whole scale displacement of people from their villages, their lifestyles for corporate initiative of mining, large scale deforestation, oil exploration. But I think really we kind of know all that.
Still I think it is still an image we see on the TV.  Not real. Not in my home. So I look at my baby pouting that the TV is not on the proper channel and I feel blessed. So blessed that I cry and thank the God we are here in our home. That it is someone else that is crushed by the anguish of losing their baby and not us. Even more that we are so blessed that we can say stuff like: “Damn Immigrants should stay where they are from. They come here and don’t fit in. Why are they here? They have no business here.”
We take our cues from the society, the media, the community, the government we live with. Our community seems to have lost its humanity. Those “immigrants” are part of the Creator’s family. They are part of the Earth. They are part of our community. So why in the hell do we get to feel so blessed or so smug that their pain is not of our concern?
I feel blessed that is for sure. I do appreciate and know that. We are so lucky. We are so blessed that the annoying little toddler in the airplane seat is going to be kicked off the plane. We are so blessed that I can “flip the finger” at that old lady driver because she is in the fast lane driving too slow for me. I am so blessed that I can send my eggs back to the restaurant kitchen because the eggs are too runny for my liking. Yes I  am blessed that I have the arrogance to think my daily grind is the harshest thing going on in my blessed life.

"And Let's No Forget the Women Ya All. Our Women Folk"

“And let’s not forget the Women ya all. Our Women folk.”

The Message is?
The Message is?
This has been the Summer of Walking. There are many initiatives going on in Canada and around the world that are aimed at protecting, supporting or remembering Women.  In Canada you can find numerous people and groups that want the public to know that Women are cared for and are not forgotten.
It is a good movement. There are many good movements out there.  In British Columbia a group has started the Moose Hide campaign.  It is an awareness idea started to help curb the violence by Men towards Women and Children, Native Women.  It is like many other awareness campaigns going on in the world: Yellow Ribbon, Wear Pink, Poppies, and other initiatives. I think anything that can make us more aware is worthwhile.
We need to be aware. You know why?  How can we correct or check ourselves if we don’t know?  How do I know I am being an arse if there are no indicators that tell me? In society we generally know if we are being an arse (or as we usually say an “Ass” with a capital A) because of the many indicators. Like a punch right in the face. That is a good indicator that you are being an Ass. Or maybe an indicator is the stink eye you get from that old lady with the white curly hair and the red lipstick. But there are some things that we don’t even know are going on. We don’t know many times what the message is. So how can we be aware and understand a message?  Let’s look at the picture that is with this post. What is the message there?
You see the devil?  Is she the Woman?  Are you being led to Hell by that Woman?  Not too subtle the message here. That’s  the thing isn’t it? We, society are demonizing Women. It started with the First Woman who tempted the First Man. It resulted in Original sin. So now when you are born you are already tainted, and it is because of Woman. Weird eh?  I don’t subscribe to that notion but I think there are so many messages out there, subtle and overt that have influence. Messages have influence, don’t kid yourselves. There is a billion dollar industry built on messages; sales.  So don’t think you are not immune to the old Lp records hidden messages that are embedded deep in the recording.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about you are young. But that’s okay, I am not sure if I ever bought into that hidden message thing that Christian groups cried about that we are born sinners.
It seems that everywhere in society Women are the ones that we can beat on. Whether its in the big business board room, the religious temples or in our homes. We verbally put them down, we ridicule them, we hit them, we fight them, we chain them, we rape them, we kill them.  That”s “our Women folk, ya all”.  Ugly I know.
So What can we do to correct this?  Should we go for a walk?  Well its a start. We can start by recognizing them as what they are. They are the ones the carry life. So let’s think about that. No carrying of life means no life. Simple as that. We can’t go back and change the mistakes we made. We can make a difference starting right now. I am not going to chastise my Woman for things that don’t matter. I will not hit my Woman. I will not chain my Woman. I will not rape my Woman. I will no kill my Woman. I will understand that I don’t own Woman. She is not mine. She is the child of Creator.

Please Come Home.

Please Come Home

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My girl is the young girl in this video.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Old Indians Young Indians

2016 by

Ya’ know that old trees just grow stronger,
And old rivers grow wilder ev’ry day.
Old people just grow lonesome
Waiting for someone to say, “Hello in there, hello.”
So if you’re walking down the street sometime
And spot some hollow ancient eyes,
Please don’t just pass ’em by and stare
As if you didn’t care, say, “Hello in there, hello.”
I have reached the 56 mark and can order from the back of the menu. I think back about a decade ago and see how I viewed the old goats of my age now. They were old in my mind, but not in theirs. Just like now. I am older but not real old. Its funny.
Being young should be the greatest thing in the world. It is. Sometimes. Being old is pretty damn good too. When it comes with the surprises – grandchildren – patience – awareness – appreciation.
Being young has its surprises – first love – second love – children – the joy of new experiences – the laughs – the constant moving/visiting – and wonder.
Can there ever be connection between the young and the old?  The Old Warrior telling stories to the young impressionable or the young narrow focused?
The Old Indian has much to offer and the young Indian has the most to offer because they are just starting. Can you imagine the wonder of the young that can possess the wisdom of the old?

Society & the Scary Indigenous Folk

Society and the Scary Indigenous folk

What is frightening to the main stream establishment when it comes to Indigenous folk? What really scares the ruling authority about Indians/natives?

I bet you think the answer is an educated Indigenous person.

Sure education, institutional education is an asset. An asset to anyone. That is not what scares the high up decision makers and security agents.

Nope it goes back to the thinking of old police, clergy, business and government types. Ask yourself what was the main thing did to the Indigenous folk?

They separated them from their beliefs; their homes; their collective; their way of life. Sure they engaged in the tried and true methods of force. Force works much of the time but it doesn’t eliminate the problem. You think force has worked in places like Afghanistan, or against the Basque, the Chechen? Look at where they are facing now.
Force is not always the answer. Especially when the people forced on them have a solid foundation of who they are.

Sam Steele was on of those old thinkers and a hero in the eyes of Canada. He was active in influencing Canada’s war on Indians and their way of life; their belief system. In his words, you can’t have the young Indians getting stirred up with war stories of the Old Warriors. He and the establishment were afraid of the continued knowledge from the Old ones to the young ones. Canada and the U.S. made it against their laws to maintain a way of life; a belief system.

You see it is not the educated Indian that society is scared of. It is the Traditional Indian. The Indian who has a firm and solid knowledge of who they are. The Indian can not get that foundation from the institutional education system. They can only get it from the Teachers, the Elders.  That is the greatest fear for the establishment. You can’t crush a people who have a solid base, a solid identity. The youth are now embracing the Traditional Teachings and sentiments. The Women will bring along the youth. They will be the ones who will carry a Nation.

The Christian Indian is good for the establishment. They do not have the solid foundation of who they are. I mean how could they? They sing the songs of a foreign land, a foreign people, a foreign life. Hosanna in the highest; what is that to Indigenous folk? Good for them they can walk in the established society. Although they are broken but living. For the rest of the Indigenous folk  it doesn’t work.

Establishment is smart. It doesn’t stay there by not being active. So its not in establishments interest if Indigenous folk have a solid knowledge of who they are. They see the lessons being played out in other lands.
That is the biggest fear of society. An Indigenous people confident and sure of who they are.
“All man are the same except for their belief in their own selves, regardless of what others may think of them”
Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings: